Escape Games

The future of Escape Games

What's next?

Escape games cannot survive for long sticking to keys, locks and combinations.
We help you go way beyond thanks to the power of interacting devices. Whether it's using a pass to access to new data, solving computer puzzles or using databases to guide their gameplay, we can enhance any type of experience.
Even if you don't have a clue, we have lots of ideas!

Window to a new world

VR can be a whole adventure or a small part of it.
You can have one player in the virtual world trying to find a solution while the other provide clues.

A layer on top of reality

AR bring a new level of information. You can display hidden messages, blood splatters, ghosts…
We work with or without markers to add this extra layer that will give a thrill to your players!

Cards and achievements

NFC use cards or RFID tags to interact with a dedicated application on mobile. Imagine you can find a key card in the pocket of a hanged coat, and get all info from it. Or answer a riddle by scanning several objects equiped with RFID tags in the right order!

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