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VR Music: Basics of a VR musical experience

REZ is for me one of the greatest games I have ever played. What makes him unique for me is that it’s hard to explain how you feel when you play it. The words sound hollow: « It’s a TPS where you fire enemies straight out of a cyberspace matrix à la Gibson ». If you see videos, they give the impression…

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Suivios has taken our idea!

Ok, I admit, great ideas are just in the air… 😉 It’s pretty funny. A month ago (November 13th) I had a revelation for a concept of VR musical gameplay. I made a prototype in one evening to test the idea (thanks 1000 times at the asset store to allow us this type of tests). I’m an unconditional fan of…

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Magic Leap One: a game changer?

Magic Leap is expected as the messiah. The Hololens, in spite of all its qualities, is still fragile to target a massive general audience: connected to a PC, a still approximate hand navigation… It allows us to project ourselves into what the future will be, but it does not embody it. It allows manufacturers to test solutions in a very concrete way to integrate them on a large scale when the hardware is mature. Will Magic Leap One break new barriers?

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